I like supporting people that are doing cool things, so check out my friend Mikaela's Instagram and soon-to-launch-blog. For every 2000 followers she gets, she gives back $50 to a charity (right now it's currently to the Toronto Humane Society). Blogging for a cause, me likie.

My face when all the pictures FINALLY UPLOADED. Slow internet makes me want to kill.

H&M Black Lace Tank // Levi Strauss & Co. HR Wedgie Vintage Chal (Similar and cheaper) // Jeffrey Campbell Otis-MT Booties (Similar)



Toe. Hehe.

I find it interesting when people meet me, and say I'm outgoing, social, and bubbly. I think I'm actually socially awkward, and a lot of times I feel quite anti-social. Fun fact: I was pretty much mute in school until grade 6. I only spoke to one other person (my best friend), but didn't speak a word to anyone else. I was put into ESL class because my teachers thought I couldn't speak English, but really, I just chose not to speak. Now you can't shut me up.

And there's your random tidbit of the day!

#BeMyValentine - Collab with Andrew So x Chris Nguyen

Here's some Valentine's Day inspo for y'all! Although, since it's unfortunately going to range from -15 to -25 degrees Celsius this weekend in Toronto, wearing this probably won't be the best idea. I was already freezing my bum off during this shoot, and it was only -7.

Had a great time shooting with Andrew and Chris, even though it took way longer than I expected (4 hours to be exact). Check out some of their work on their Instagram (linked), as we wait for them to get off their lazy bums and make an actual website.

Also changed up my layout! I felt it needed a revamp. It may or may not change again, depending on if I find a better one. What's really cool about this one is it spews animated hearts when you like the post. How appropriate! 

Some artsy fartsy:

Some BTS and the sad moment when Chris lost the balloons:

Some bloopers aka derp Tina aka real Tina:


50 shades of... Beige? Taupe? Nude? 

This neutral palette was inspired by Hot Miami Styles' mocha turtleneck bodysuit, which they kindly sent me. It's the first bodysuit I've ever owned, and probably my last as I just can't wrap my head around the need to unbutton a flap every time I need to use the restroom. This very reason is also why I stay away from rompers. However, impracticality aside, it's a versatile piece that I can see myself pairing with various items.


Let's be real, white stays white only never. You already risk getting makeup on it while changing, then there's at least 10 hours of avoiding food stains during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Let's not forget to account for unforeseen stains from walking, driving, or simply sitting. It's a classic case of #firstworldproblems, but if you're lucky enough to make it home spotless, you've made it farther than 90% of your peers and deserve a large plate of juicy ribs. 

#NotAnAromaAd - With CV Photography

Contrary to what some of these pictures may show, this is not an Aroma ad. I ordered a simple hot chocolate, but they must not have heard the chocolate part because it tasted like hot bland milk. This is my second collab with the lovely CV Photography and definitely not the last! Do ignore the bulge that is my ankle as this was 30 minutes-post-sprain :).

I've also recently teamed up with Lawsofashion! You'll be able to find all my upcoming fashion posts and my recent #2Fast2FURious post there, as well as other fashion inspirations created by other bloggers globally.

Forever 21 Draped Trench (Old) // Zara White Sweater (Old) // Zara Low-rise Tapered Jeans // Jeffrey Campbell Holvey Suede Heels // Chloe Medium Drew

#PinkPawty - First Collaboration with CV Photography

This little pink gem reminds me of Candy Land in the movie Wreck It Ralph. It brings out my inner Barbie, and I can't help but belt out Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' as I'm shooting. Unlike Barbie though with her rigid plastic limbs that you can pop out and in as you please, my limbs are a little bit more delicate. A failed mid-air leap led to a sprained ankle (minor thankfully), but also meant I was treated like a spoiled princess all week.

The shoot is my first collaboration with Cam of CV Photography, and it definitely won't be my last. Cam is an amazing photographer with an even more awesome personality, and I highly encourage you to check out her work! Feel free to also creep her on Instagram.

Oh I guess I can talk about the outfit too. I've actually been on the prowl for the perfect grey fall coat and I finally found it at Topshop. It's been on repeat since I bought it, and it's not leaving anytime soon. These Jeffrey Campbell heels are also incredibly comfortable and I can't say that about many heels, period.


What is your paradise? I'll be visiting Turks and Caicos next month, which has been deemed paradise on earth, and I'm sure it will be. However, my ideal version of paradise is to simply be able to eat as much sushi, drink as much bubble tea and sleep as much as I want, whenever I want, without worrying that I'd turn into Snorlax. 

I stumbled upon this work of art while searching for booties down Queen St. Trying to find an exact dupe for Acne Studios' Jensen Boots is proving itself more difficult than I had imagined. Breaking in these Jeffrey Campbell flats is also taking longer than I would like. The back of my ankles are taking a beating, but other than that they're super comfortable. Speaking of super comfortable, I have these Babaton Cohen pants in 3 colours, and would invest in 5 more if I could.