#Velvet - Collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle was actually the first brand to regram one of my outfits on Instagram when I was just starting out as a blogger. I couldn't contain my excitement and that was definitely one of the highlights of last year. My first job in high school also happened to be at American Eagle, so it's crazy how it's come full circle. You can view my feature on their blog here

AEO Velvet Tie Dress // Zara High Heel Leather Ankle Boots (Similar here, here, and here) // Urban Outfitters BDG Beanie (Similar here)

Photos: Andrew So

This post is sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters


#HotDogs - Collab with kareemaq

Hadn't eaten a hot dog in probably 5 years, until the day Kareema and I shot this look. Good was an understatement. I met Kareema while shopping at Aritzia a year ago, and I had just started my blog at the time. We had been planning this collaboration for a year now, and it finally happened! Follow this girl on Instagram and check out her amazing blog!

#LikeAPostcard - Collab with FlyingPenguin

My friend Chua from Edmonton was recently in town, and even though he's a photographer and we've been friends for 12 years, we never got a chance to actually shoot until this week! He's crazy talented so feel free to check out his work and follow him on Instagram.

Forever 21 Distressed Denim Jacket // Aritzia Wilfred Free Maxi Dress (Similar) // Club Monaco Denim Shirt (Similar) // American Eagle Sandals (Similar here and here)

That time I decided to frolic in a yellow field in the middle of an intersection in Richmond Hill:

Aritzia Wilfred Limoges T-shirt (Similar) // Zara skirt (Similar-ish, and love)

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Just discovered Pokemon GO today and I am addicted. My obsession started 20 years ago with the release of Red for the Game Boy, which then led into card trading, and now it's come full circle with a phone app. LOVE IT.

Also, this is a glimpse into what 99% of my photos look like:

How-To: Look Fabulous with 7 Day Old Hair

Well, half decent. Since I was rocking 7 day old hair here, I'm going to share some tips on how I maintain it without actually washing it. Going to keep it short and sweet - just like me. Minus the sweet part.

1. Let's Get Dirrty - (As Aguilera would put it) No matter how oily or smelly your hair is, or how itchy your scalp gets, don't give in. You need to train your hair, especially if it's used to being washed everyday. 7 days may be excessive, but washing your hair at least every other day ensures your scalp is not overproducing oil to compensate for the dryness. 

2. Cozy up with Dry Shampoo - Let dry shampoo become your best friend. My favourite is Batiste's Original or Bumble and bumble's Prêt-à-Powder. I apply it in-between washes to my roots, and massage the powder into my hair.

3. Let's Tango - With your comb, that is. Being an unnatural blonde, I usually wake up looking like a dragon lady with dreadlocks. After I comb out all the tangles, my hair is 10x more manageable and I can style accordingly.

4. Smooth Criminal - (had to reference MJ) For that finishing touch, to make it look like you just washed your hair and got a blowout, Bumble and bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil is great for adding shine and taming flyaways (especially those stubborn baby hairs). I can't leave the house without it!

And that's how I get away with not washing my hair for 7 days. Would love to know the longest you've gone without washing yours!

Aritzia Talula Kent Blazer (Similar) // Zara Cropped Top (Similar and cuter) (This one's nice too) // American Eagle Shorts (Similar here and here) // Zara Lace Sandals (Similar - Love these ones) // No Weekends Luna Sunglasses (Blush)



Baby pink, baby food, baby Spice, babies, baby Bieber - all my favourites :).

Yes I still eat baby food, yes peas and pear are my favourite flavours, and yes up until grade 6 I still drank the instant baby milk powder because I preferred the taste to regular milk.


#MyContactsPoppedOut - Collab with Chris Leung

Right when Chris and I parked at our shoot location, my right contact decided to pop out of my eye. I didn't have eyedrops on me so I wasn't able to pop it back in without irritating it. Anyone that wears contact lenses understands how weird it is to only wear it in one eye, especially when you're half blind. I contemplated taking my left one out, but with my eyesight being close to -8 that wasn't an option. #contactlensproblems 

This is my first time shooting with friend and photographer, Chris Leung, and it was also his first fashion shoot. Definitely won't be our last collaboration! Feel free to check out more of his work on his flickr account.

Aritzia Wilfred Free Lin Sweater // Club Monaco Chambray Shirt (Old) // Aritzia Wilfred Capucine T-Shirt // American Eagle Jeggings (Old) // Chloe Medium Drew // Salvatore Ferragamo Boots // Urban Outfitters BDG Ribbed Beanie


For anyone that doesn't get the reference above, shame. Also my face on the derpometer was a classic Patrick, so no face it is! I had the honour of being an elf that night for my company's first Kids Christmas Party and it was the most fun I've had in awhile. It's scary how smart kids are nowadays! When I was 3 I could barely talk, much less make snow globes and tree ornaments.

Zara Block Heel Leather Ankle Boots // Aritzia Babaton Silk Blouse (Similar) // Aritzia Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat (Similar here and here) // Club Monaco Cropped Striped Sweater (Old) // American Eagle Dark Jeans (Old)


A turtleneck is a quadruple threat. It's not only cozy, warm and cute, but it's a great cover-up for double chins, hickies, weird rashes, and of course your neck (for days where you just ain't feeling it). It's also versatile in what you pair it with, whether that be a skirt, jeans, leggings, shorts, or if long enough -- simply nothing.