#Pink - Collaboration with Petite Studio NYC

Let's excuse my 10-day unwashed hair here and let's focus on this pink, velvet midi skirt from Petite Studio NYC. I keep caressing it because of how soft it is, and love how the knife pleats give it dimension. Only thing it's missing is pockets! 

#BeMyValentine - Collab with Andrew So x Chris Nguyen

Here's some Valentine's Day inspo for y'all! Although, since it's unfortunately going to range from -15 to -25 degrees Celsius this weekend in Toronto, wearing this probably won't be the best idea. I was already freezing my bum off during this shoot, and it was only -7.

Had a great time shooting with Andrew and Chris, even though it took way longer than I expected (4 hours to be exact). Check out some of their work on their Instagram (linked), as we wait for them to get off their lazy bums and make an actual website.

Also changed up my layout! I felt it needed a revamp. It may or may not change again, depending on if I find a better one. What's really cool about this one is it spews animated hearts when you like the post. How appropriate! 

Some artsy fartsy:

Some BTS and the sad moment when Chris lost the balloons:

Some bloopers aka derp Tina aka real Tina: