#AllForTheGram - Collaboration with Akanksha (@Aka_Naach)

India and I have been talking about collaborating for years now, and we finally did it! Scroll down for a brief comedic skit we did on getting the right Instagram shot (through the perspective of a friend vs. best friend). Y'ALL KNOW IT AIN'T NO ONE SHOT WONDER!

ANNNND OUR SKIT BELOW (Bloopers at the end):


I don't know how it works and it does have a semi-uncomfortable burning sensation, but ChinUp Mask rid 2 cm off my double chin after using it for 30 minutes. I also have a very ticklish neck, so it was hard to keep a straight face with the mask on, but IT WORKS.

#OnceYouGoBlack - Collaboration with Frank & Oak

I'm proud to partner with Frank & Oak for their new permanent women’s collection, which is now officially available online and in store! C-c-check out my entire look and all the new styles here: www.frankandoak.com/invite/TinaDao

Also for anyone that's never tried Shin Black ramen, guaranteed you won't go back once you've had a taste.

#Pink - Collaboration with Petite Studio NYC

Let's excuse my 10-day unwashed hair here and let's focus on this pink, velvet midi skirt from Petite Studio NYC. I keep caressing it because of how soft it is, and love how the knife pleats give it dimension. Only thing it's missing is pockets! 


My friend and I debuted our first single together called, "Joey, Your Poo Really Stinks" for our friend Joey's birthday 6 years ago. Here's a preview of the lyrics: It doesn't matter what you eat, Don't matter what you drink, Oh Joey, your poo really stinks, Your poo really stinks (x8). So if you're wondering why most of my Instagram captions are poo or fart related, it dates back long before I met them, and was only amplified with our friendship.

#LunarNewYear - Collaboration with Coach

I've been overplaying the La La Land soundtrack since I saw the movie a week ago, and I fall in love with it more each time. For those that haven't seen it, stop what you're doing and GO WATCH IT. It was so beautifully done - from the directing, the music and the costumes, to the actors and their chemistry on-screen. On an unrelated note, what I really love about Coach's new Dinky bag is the attached kisslock purse inside - perfect for all the red pocket money I'll be receiving this weekend for Lunar New Year!

#Suede - Collaboration with Petite Studio NYC

Being a petite gal (5'2"), I often struggle with finding clothes (especially jackets) that fit me. It's why my wardrobe consists of only a few brands, because once I find something that works I stick with it. When I discovered Petite Studio, I fell in love with their entire line. The quality pieces are made for, of, and by petite women, so they know exactly what works and what doesn't!


Yes, I'm selling my Chanel bag. Yes, I just bought it 2 months ago in Florence. Yes, I still love it. Yes, it was an impulse buy (as with most of my purchases). Yes, it was an expensive impulse buy.

I've been eyeing the Chanel boy for years. When I set my eyes on this one in Italy, it was love at first sight. I loved the colour, the design, the soft Nubuck leather (at the time) and how much I was able to fit in the bag. However, I quickly came to realize that Nubuck leather is sensitive to pretty much everything. I find myself frequently ensuring the suede is all going in the same direction, and am afraid to wear the bag out in constant fear that I'll get something on it. The cost of the bag also has me wary of wearing it out, so in the end it's not worth the price I paid for it.

However, just because it wasn't a right fit for me currently, doesn't mean it won't be for you! Baby Chanel is looking for a new home, so if you're interested holla at me via @carousell (my username is simplyteee)!

Photos: Chris Leung (@iofmine)

Club Monaco Tommie Merino Sweater // Topshop Striped Shirt (Similar here, here and here) // Abercrombie High Rise Girlfriend Jeans (Similar and on sale at AE here) // Chanel Chevron Nubuck Boy Large Bag // Vince Easton Nubuck Bootie (thanks Marshalls Canada!)

All about the angles:

#2016Bye - 3 Confessions Behind the Gram

I started blogging last September, so 2016 was a year of many firsts. I've met so many local creatives I now call my friends, have partnered with many of my favourite brands, and been invited to exclusive events I've only dreamt of attending. Even though there are moments I feel like quitting and question why I'm doing what I'm doing, I ultimately love it and am excited for what 2017 has in store. Keep reading below for 3 confessions behind my Instagram shots!

Now onto the confessions...

1. It's all about perspective - Left is what I posted on Instagram and to the right is what it took to get the shot. Also how many of y'all have painted just your thumb to take a photo...(guilty)

2. What 99% of my pictures actually look like - I shot with Chris yesterday and we ended up with 1100 photos, of which only 20 were decent.

3. Most of my shots aren't actually pure white - Left is the original picture and to the right is after edits. If you missed it, you can check out part 1 and part 2 of how I edit my photos.

Cheers to keeping it real in 2017!

#Winter Things - Collaboration with Quartz Co

I've never owned a Quartz parka until now, but it's honestly the lightest parka I've tried. It's amazing how warm it is when I'm outside in -20 degree (Celsius) weather, but don't feel like I'm in a hot sauna wearing it indoors (like most parkas). As I'm always in the city, I want something that's durable but not too bulky. The fact that it's also made in Canada is a plus! I'm wearing the Laurentia in a Navy XXS, but am also in love with the following styles:

#Ba-Ba-Brrr - Collab with CV Photography

If you're wondering why the weird title, it's because I feel like a sheep whenever I wear this faux sherpa vest, and because it was -20 degrees outside that day. Was I wishing I was Lenny Kravitz'ing it up with a large blanket scarf and two parkas, or better yet snuggled up in bed instead of being outside? Yep.

Aritzia Mackage Kenya Jacket // Aritzia Wilfred Chatou Vest // White Dress Shirt (Stole from the boy) // Topshop Petite Moto Ripped Jamie Jeans // Zara Block Heel Leather Ankle Boots (Similar) // Oak + Fort Hat C10 (Old)

Check out Cam's latest work on her Instagram or via her website, CV Photography!


Not really, but the hair (inspired by Erin Elizabeth) made me feel like a bohemian princess. Definitely didn't turn out as well as hers did, but you can watch the fun tutorial here! Mother nature also decided to tease us with spring-like weather this past weekend. However, it was fairly windy out (as you can tell by my crazy baby hairs), so we were a little bit deceived. 

PS. My fly is indeed NOT open contrary to what it may look like :)

Aritzia Wilfred Blouse (Similar-ish) // Abercrombie & Fitch Straight Boyfriend Jeans (On Sale) // Zara Lace-up Ballerinas (Similar) // Chloe Medium Drew

#AnotherOne - with Chris Leung

Another photoshoot with Chris! This was actually on the same day as the #Caramel post, with a quick change in the car in-between. Outfit was inspired by Gigi Hadid, but if you were to do a 'Who Wore It Better' comparison, Hadid will always win. Also, feel free to check out more of Chris' other work!

Chris giving me some modelling tips...

#BeMyValentine - Collab with Andrew So x Chris Nguyen

Here's some Valentine's Day inspo for y'all! Although, since it's unfortunately going to range from -15 to -25 degrees Celsius this weekend in Toronto, wearing this probably won't be the best idea. I was already freezing my bum off during this shoot, and it was only -7.

Had a great time shooting with Andrew and Chris, even though it took way longer than I expected (4 hours to be exact). Check out some of their work on their Instagram (linked), as we wait for them to get off their lazy bums and make an actual website.

Also changed up my layout! I felt it needed a revamp. It may or may not change again, depending on if I find a better one. What's really cool about this one is it spews animated hearts when you like the post. How appropriate! 

Some artsy fartsy:

Some BTS and the sad moment when Chris lost the balloons:

Some bloopers aka derp Tina aka real Tina:

#Caramel - Collab with Chris Leung

I was really hungry during this second shoot with Chris, so if you can see in my eyes that I was craving some Nandos, you'd be absolutely correct.

These Aritzia Allant pants are the most comfortable pair of pants I own, and they've been on high rotation since I got them last week! I thought the Babaton Cohens were my go-tos, but I definitely prefer these. The material is thicker, so you can get away with wearing more than just seamless panties!

And here are some BTS shots of Chris working his best angles:

Aritzia Mackage Kenya Jacket // Aritzia Babaton Shea Blouse // Aritzia Wilfred Allant Pant // Salvatore Ferragamo Boots // Zara Scarf (Old)

#WinterWonderland - Collab with Andrew So

I attended my annual work retreat this past weekend in the winter wonderland that is Muskoka. We were definitely spoiled this year. Weekend was filled with amazing company, food, activities, an incredible improv comedy show by Bad Dog Theatre Company (HIGHLY recommend you check out), and breathtaking views of Lake Rosseau. 

Also got a chance to experience dog sledding for the first time! The dogs were adorable, I could barely keep my excitement in. Ariel (featured below), was a pure joy and stole my heart with her tenacity and heart.

Now onto actual outfit details... Shot by my awesome friend and colleague, Andrew So. He doesn't have a website yet, so feel free to check out his Instagram!


This is the epitome of a lazy outfit. I wanted to stay semi-warm and comfortable so I opted for my Nike Juvenates, a long coat, jeans, scarf, and a dress I tied into a t-shirt. I meant to wear the coat with the dress, but saw the weather and was too lazy to change out of the dress, so I tied it instead. :)

If you're curious to learn more about my lasik experience, feel free to continue reading! If not, you can simply scroll down to my lovely face.

My Lasik Experience

As mentioned in my last post, I'm now glasses and contacts free! It's a very strange feeling. The past few days I've been trying to rest my eyes, and stick to the recommended eye drop regime. My eyes are extremely dry, and I keep thinking I'm over wearing my contacts. My usual routine of removing my contacts before I shower or before bed, or putting them on in the morning, are now nonexistent. I think the biggest change is being able to wake up and simply see -- I can't begin to explain how amazing that feels. Still blinded by my phone every morning though.

How long is the procedure? The procedure itself was quite scary, and equally so even if I had known exactly what would happen next. It felt longer than 15 minutes, but the surgery doesn't surpass that. People waiting outside can actually view the process via a monitor.

What procedure did I qualify for? I qualified for bladeless lasik, so the first part of the surgery was the creation of the corneal tissue. It essentially feels like pressure being put onto your eye, to the point where you go from seeing an orange laser to just black. The second part is where the surgeon performs the laser vision correction treatment, and is where you can smell that infamous disconcerting smell of burning flesh. It is not your eye burning however, but rather the chemical reaction of the laser on the cornea.

Where did I have the procedure done? TLC Laser Eye Center in Mississauga. Dr. Dean Smith was recommended by my optometrist, so I didn't bother looking into Bochner or Lasik MD (both highly reputable places).

Did I take a relaxant? Yes, I was given one prior to the surgery. Lucky me, the relaxant didn't kick in until after, so I spent most of Friday in and out of sleep, excessively tearing and drooling. The 2 hours post surgery were the most uncomfortable, but once I was able to take a nap, things got better. The morning after, I significantly saw a difference in my vision. 

Is there pain during or post surgery? No, just uncomfortableness. They numb your eye with freezing eye drops, so you don't feel a thing. Some people feel a stinging sensation with the eye drops post surgery, but I didn't experience that. 

Would I do it all over again if I had the choice? Yes, the results are worth it. However, I am hoping that I don't need to go in for an enhancement. I would rather not experience the surgery and healing process a second time around. 

It's been 3 days and I'm still healing. They say your eyes may take 3-6 months to fully heal, so I'm taking it one day at a time. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!


I'm excited, nervous, anxious and scared to be getting Lasik surgery tomorrow. It was something I've been wanting to do for a few years now, but the decision to finally go ahead with it was rather last minute. For 2 weeks leading up to tomorrow's surgery, I've been wearing glasses everyday, so I was completely blind during this impromptu shoot. Clearly I was indecisive on what sunglasses to pair the outfit with, as I started the shoot wearing Quay's 'My Girl', only to switch to the 'Cha Cha's half way through.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post-Lasik update in my next blog post!

#MyContactsPoppedOut - Collab with Chris Leung

Right when Chris and I parked at our shoot location, my right contact decided to pop out of my eye. I didn't have eyedrops on me so I wasn't able to pop it back in without irritating it. Anyone that wears contact lenses understands how weird it is to only wear it in one eye, especially when you're half blind. I contemplated taking my left one out, but with my eyesight being close to -8 that wasn't an option. #contactlensproblems 

This is my first time shooting with friend and photographer, Chris Leung, and it was also his first fashion shoot. Definitely won't be our last collaboration! Feel free to check out more of his work on his flickr account.

Aritzia Wilfred Free Lin Sweater // Club Monaco Chambray Shirt (Old) // Aritzia Wilfred Capucine T-Shirt // American Eagle Jeggings (Old) // Chloe Medium Drew // Salvatore Ferragamo Boots // Urban Outfitters BDG Ribbed Beanie