So I woke up one day some time ago with this symmetrical red grid like pattern on both my butt cheeks. It didn't hurt nor was it itchy, and I had no idea how I got it. And if you're wondering how I found out, no I don't wear pants when I'm home. Like any rational millennial, I googled 'red grid like patterns' and came across this website. Like you are, I was shocked (and amazed) to find out the same exact pattern had been experienced by multiple people worldwide, even dating back to the '60s. Curious to find out more, I emailed the author of the website who sent me a long email asking me to fill out a questionnaire detailing the mark so we could figure out if it was from the same phenomenon. I got cold feet at that point, so nothing ever came of that and the mark eventually faded. And that was how I was marked by an alien. The end.

Aritzia Wilfred Lalemant Pant // Topman Denim Shirt (Similar) //

Photo Creds: Cynthia Nguyen @cynthyeah


Baby pink, baby food, baby Spice, babies, baby Bieber - all my favourites :).

Yes I still eat baby food, yes peas and pear are my favourite flavours, and yes up until grade 6 I still drank the instant baby milk powder because I preferred the taste to regular milk.


#CatVideos&Chill - Collab with Arm The Animals

Cat videos and chill/churros/cheese/cheerios/chicken -- that's my ideal Friday night. Now try saying THAT ten times over.

Jokes aside, I've collaborated with Arm the Animals, who aims to support small, struggling animal welfare organizations that help rescues. A portion of the proceeds towards their apparel goes to helping with shelter, food, vet bills and other basics all rescues need. Feel free to check out some of their other clever designs on their website or Instagram!

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