Who run the world? WOMEN! This outfit was to commemorate International Women's Day yesterday. There's a quote that says, "Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another". Since I started blogging 6 months ago, my favourite part about it is the opportunity to meet amazing, creative women that all support and empower each other through the same craft. These women inspire and motivate me to actively pursue my goals and not give up on this dream.

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You don't go back. Or in my case I do, and this all black leather 'about-to-rob-a-bank' get-up was because my black laundry pile had just been washed and I wasn't feeling creative that day. Also it's starting to get really cold and my #rbf is becoming more permanent.


I was told it was going to be drizzy outside on Saturday, so I was expecting a lil wayne. What a re-leaf it stopped raining long enough to take pictures though. I've taken a lichen to gloomy weather because it offers the best lighting for shoots. Whoever said being punny is a wok in the park was clearly lying. Think I'm ending this blurbage at the white time, and I'm sure this won't be mist. There's definitely mushroom for improvement here, but I hope these will grow on you. Now lettuce all cry because these puns are soda pressing.

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#YinYang - A Special Collaboration with Shakura Galloway

I am finally able to share my collaboration with my friend and colleague, Shakura Galloway. This lookbook shoot marked a first of many: Our first shoot together, my first shoot period, and her first fashion shoot. I'd like to give kudos to anyone that films regular lookbooks, as it is NOT easy. The medley of good weather, a nice location, lack of crowds, change area, sufficient camera battery, and not to mention the avoidance of deodorant stains on your tops, is enough to make someone stray away from filming one lookbook, much less make it a weekly occurrence.

However, we both learned a great deal from this experience, and there is no one I would rather pop that lookbook cherry with, than with Shakura. She is incredibly talented, an inspiration, and her amazing work speaks for itself. GIRL, GET YOUR WEBSITE UP!

Below are some snapshots from our shoot, as well as some not so flattering GIFs to entertain you with. 

Now for some fun GIFs!

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