#OneStar - Collaboration with Converse

True story and captured on my Instagram stories: My CEO Sanjay (not just a random uncle) was complaining to 300 of our clients at our annual user group conference about how he has to pay for Converse and I get it for free (through partnerships with the brand). The PR rep for Converse saw on my IG stories and sent him a code so he could redeem his own pair. It seemed natural then to take a picture, so here we are. Sanjay was way too excited for this.


It was really windy during this photoshoot, and I wasn't wearing any pants under this 'dress' (which is supposed to fit like a regular tunic on taller folks). Luckily, there weren't that many people around to witness the multiple Marilyn Monroe moments that occurred. I'm also currently in Barcelona and haven't slept since 8 am yesterday, so goodnight!