Review: Tarte's Tarteist Lip Paint

I took a break from fuelling my liquid lipstick addiction, but when Tarte came out with new lip paints, I couldn't resist. I've been obsessed with the mauve/burgundy colour family, so I naturally swayed towards those shades. Below is a quick review of their new Tarteist Lip Paints!

Swatches left to right: Frenemy, Tbt, Namaste


This gorgeous burgundy shade is the love child of Kat Von D's Vampira and Damned. Damned is going to have to step aside, as this will now be my go-to dark lippie. The high pigment formula easily glides and paints the entirety of my lips with one application. 

Verdict: YAY! The shade isn't too dark that I'm hesitant to wear it to work, but also bold enough to make a statement. Be careful though with the initial application, as it can clump towards the end of the lip brush.


Mauve this, mauve that. Tbt happened when Kat Von D's Lolita and Sephora's Marvelous Mauve decided to have a one night stand. It's a little darker in person, but a great staple if you're riding the mauve train and aren't able to secure the Kylie Lip Kit

Verdict: YAY, but I wouldn't put it at the top of your purchase list if you already have a similar shade.


Namaste indeed. The search for the perfect nude ends here. This has been on high rotation since purchase. It's the right mix of nude and pink to prevent you from looking sickly, washing you out or looking like you have nothing on your lips.

Verdict: 10x YAY! Already thinking of purchasing my next tube.


If you're an avid liquid lipstick wearer, you know exfoliating and moisturizing your lips before application is crucial, especially with the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. The same goes for Tarte, but post initial application my lips feel soft, as if I'm wearing a satin lipstick. The lip paint doesn't instantly dry on your lips, but rather lies comfortably on top. It eventually does dry matte, however, there is still a bit of transfer. The wear is about 5-6 hours, with only the inside of your lips losing pigment.

Compared to Kat Von D: KVD has a thinner formula, so I'll usually have to apply two coats for the desired look. With Tarte, I only need one. The prices are comparable, but KVD offers 2-3 hours more wear, and a wider variety of shades. 

Compared to Sephora: Pricewise, Sephora is cheaper and I'd say the formulas on both are quite similar. 

If you have extremely dry lips, but still want to try a liquid lipstick, I'd recommend Tarte or Sephora. KVD has the driest formula out of the bunch, but also lasts the longest.

Let me know which ones are your favourites in the comments!