#NYC - Your Typical Guide to Having a Somewhat Decent Time in New York City

This was my first time travelling with all content creators and I didn't know what to expect. I worried I wouldn't enjoy myself if the focus was all 'for the 'gram', but it was one of the best trips I've been on yet. It did take us awhile to get anywhere (we all needed our shots), but I fell in love with New York when I visited. Currently taking applications for Adopt-Tina-Into-NYC. Now onto the top must-eats and sees:

New York

1. Artichoke Pizza - All of me loves all of you, all your curves and all your edges. Hands down the best pizza I've had in my life. If you're lactose though, heed my warning: You will feel it coming out both ends.

Artichoke Pizza

2. Mr. Purple - Recommended by my friend Huy (@huytransal), Mr. Purple is a great rooftop bar with chill vibes. CHECK DEM VIEWS:

Mr. Purple

3. Westlight - Only reason I wanted to go here was because the rooftop bar was featured in the movie Friends with Benefits (the scene where Mila takes Justin for drinks to try and woo him to take the GQ job). It has similarities to the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel aka. go if you're feeling boujie. (Picture below does not depict actual views at Westlight, it's more similar to the above)


4. Pietro NoLita - It's pink and cute af. Just go.

Pietro NoLita

5. Brooklyn Bridge - It doesn't take long to walk the entire bridge, but if you don't want to be hustled by people and bikers, go early.

Brooklyn Bridge

6. DUMBO - Another classic 'can't-miss-while-in-NYC' spot. Be prepared to fight for your turn in the spotlight with an ongoing engagement shoot, couples taking selfies, photographers and their dogs and everything in-between.


7. Follow Strangers on the Street - Okay don't actually, but we decided to follow two guys dressed as Wonder Woman to a bar and it turned out to be the best night ever. Moral of the story is New York City is the place to be spontaneous. 

Flat Iron

8. Taiyaki NYC - Is it a fish, a uni-cone, ice cream or all of the above? Just know it's good.

Taiyaki NYC

9. Sweet Moment - Not sure how I feel about intentional cold lattes, but if that's up your alley and you like cute latte art this is your place!

Sweet Moment

10. Cecconi's DUMBO - SUCH. GOOD. ITALIAN. FOOD. You also get pretty sick views of the Brooklyn Bridge if you sit on the patio so it's a win-win. 

Cecconi's Dumbo

11. SoHo - Who doesn't want to live in SoHo? I certainly do. Someone take me back to SoHo.


12. Woops! - The. Best. Waffles. I've. Ever. Had. Ever. Second to that, the drinks are good too.