#LosAngeles - Top 10 Things No One Tells You (simplyTeeeMZ Edition)

Warning: The following pictures may not correspond to the actual statements, kind of like how my captions rarely go with my pictures on Instagram.

1.  Ellen is actually nice. We did a Studio Tour at Warner Bros, and spotted Ellen coming out of her studio. She said hi and waved, and we all died a little on the inside. #PleaseAdoptMe

Hollywood Sign_3.jpg

2.  You can spot Kylie Jenner/Kylie Jenner's assistant Victoria at Alfred Tea Room. Our first day in LA, we spotted Victoria in line getting a drink, then as we walked out we saw her and Kylie get into a black car. #DrinkingFortwo


3.  Hell's Kitchen is fake. A client of ours was an extra on the show, and exposed the fact that the entire audience are paid actors. So when you see people send food back on the show, it's fake. #IStillLoveYouGordonRamsey

Shake Shack.jpg

4.  The hobos in LA will poop on the street. We walked out of our airbnb in DTLA, and spotted a fresh pile of poop on the sidewalk, with a swarm of flies surrounding it. #Yum

Hollywood Sign_2.jpg

5.  Bumsan Organic Milk Bar is the best ice cream you'll ever have. It was so good we went back twice on our 3-day trip. #ThisShouldHaveBeenNumba1

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar.jpg

6.  You can re-enact a scene from Friends at Warner Bros Studio Tour. My friend and I got to re-enact S09E05 (The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner), where she was Rachel and I was Joey. The way they filmed it made it look like we were part of the actual scene - probably the highlight of my trip. #IPlayJoeyBetterThanJoey

Warner Bros Studio Tour_Friends.jpg
Venice Beach_2.jpg

7. The best kbbq in the city is at Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong. We waited 2 hours just to get a seat, but it was #HELLAWORTHIT.

Hollywood Sign.jpg

8.  Anyone that gets a shot of LACMA with no one in it, clearly photo shopped it. Doesn't matter what time of day you go (6am, 3pm, 12am) there will always be at least 5 people there. #AndTheySayLATrafficIsBad

Venice Beach.jpg

9.  Voodoo Doughnuts are overrated. We were nice enough to buy them for our colleagues, and these hoedems didn't even eat them. When people are rejecting free glazed doughnuts, you know something just ain't adding up. #JustAPrettyFace

Voodoo Doughnuts.jpg

10. Airbnbs in North La Brea (near West Hollywood) take you to Greece. My friend stayed here during his visit to LA, and his unit had rooftop access. The rooftop has a giant hammock, cute teal chairs and an incredible view overlooking DTLA. #Win