Review: Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range - Does Size Really Matter?

It's no secret I have thin hair. In certain areas of my body that's great, but when it comes to the hair on my head - not so great. Coupled with the fact I bleach my hair every 6 months, it's no wonder my mom keeps warning me that I'm going bald by the time I'm 40. So when I got the opportunity to try out Viviscal's new Gorgeous Growth Densifying range, I didn't hesitate.



I've been using the entire line since September (about 3 months), and I've noticed my hair definitely has more volume. I only wash my hair once a week, so I've been using this for about 12 times so far. The shampoo and conditioner also smells great, almost like men's cologne. Not the overpowering musky kind, but the freshness associated with just getting out of the shower, and the scent that lasts all day too. If you have coloured or bleached hair like I do, not to worry either as it doesn't affect the colour or dry out your hair.



The before and afters below are subtle, but you'll notice my hair looks thicker and fuller (I tried to keep my hair in its natural state for the most part for a better comparison). I recommend trying the full range out for yourself, because it really does work! I notice it mostly when I pull my hair into a high ponytail, and don’t need extensions for that added volume. The range works with Viviscal’s clinically-proven hair growth supplements as a unique dual-action system, so you can achieve healthy hair growth from the inside, and thicker looking hair on the outside – both available at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

First Month

Second Month

Third Month