DIY: Become Pablo Escobar In Under 15 Minutes (Halloween Costume)

Looking for a last minute costume this Halloween? Or simply looking to turn your colleague into Pablo Escobar for the day? Sharing a really quick DIY you can do in under 15 minutes!

What you'll need (shown below):

  1. A walkie-talkie (or in this case, a Bluetooth speaker that we will turn into a walkie talkie-ish)
  2. A belt
  3. Blue jeans
  4. A patterned polo/button-down 
  5. White runners


  1. Stuffing (for the belly, unless you already have one then disregard) - Here we used cobweb
  2. Cutout of a stash (again, if you already have one then awesome)
  3. A straw to make the antenna of the walkie-talkie
  4. Black construction paper (to wrap the Bluetooth speaker with)
  5. Tape to adhere the black construction paper and straw to the Bluetooth speaker

Step 1: Make the walkie-talkie

Take black construction paper and wrap the Bluetooth speaker and straw with it. Then, adhere the straw to the back of the speaker. Voila, you have yourself a DIY'd walkie-talkie! We really tried to hide the tape.

Step 2: Look the part

Here are before and afters of my colleague Anjali who happily volunteered as tribute. 

  • Hair: Used a straightener to slightly crimp her hair to resemble Pablo's waves
  • Brows: Emphasized her brows with black eye shadow 
  • Face: Took the residual black eye shadow on the brush to age her face (accentuated laugh lines, forehead wrinkles and eye bags)
  • Stash: Cut one out on felt paper

Step 3: Act the part

And that's it! You have now become Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. Guaranteed a double take on the streets.

#RAIN - Collaboration with Miss Pap

Figured it was appropriate to wear my first pair of over-the-knee suede boots when it was downright pouring out. (can you tell?)

Miss Pap Emily Grey Suede Over the Knee Boots // Topshop Dress shirt (Old) // Abercrombie Shorts (Old) 

#HotDogs - Collab with kareemaq

Hadn't eaten a hot dog in probably 5 years, until the day Kareema and I shot this look. Good was an understatement. I met Kareema while shopping at Aritzia a year ago, and I had just started my blog at the time. We had been planning this collaboration for a year now, and it finally happened! Follow this girl on Instagram and check out her amazing blog!


Has anyone seen the pilot episode of This Is Us? It was the cast that initially drew me in, starring Mandy Moore (c'mon, I watched A Walk to Remember 8x in a row), Milo Ventimiglia (I had a huge crush on him back when he was on Heroes) and Justin Hartley (who wasn't obsessed with Passions and Smallville) to highlight a few. The episode was decent, but the twist at the end had me keen on watching more. Crafted by the writer of Crazy, Stupid, Love, you can only imagine what the twist could be. And once you know there's a twist, it's impossible not to see it.

How-To: Editing Pictures for Dummies Part 2

When I started blogging, the one question I wondered the most was: "How do other bloggers maintain a white feed, and how do they ensure the white is the same white across all their pictures?". Sometimes 'white' can look blue, grey, and other times just downright yellow. I've only recently started adopting this technique that allows me to keep my white consistent across my Instagram feed.

Here's the original of the above picture:

Some more before and afters:

Another one:

Also, perspective is everything:

Clearly there's a common theme here (I'm hungry):

Before I get into the details, below is the ice cream photo after basic Snapseed edits. For a step-by-step tutorial on how I edit in Snapseed, check out my previous post. I didn't desaturate the background here, which I normally would have done to get rid of the unwanted yellow tones.

So what's the technique? Facetune! I simply use the Whiten feature to bring out the white in the photo. I zoom in to cover smaller areas, and toggle back and forth between Whiten and Erase to ensure I don't go over areas I want to maintain colour (like my hands).

And that's it! It's nothing new or innovative, and many bloggers utilize this technique to highlight the white in their photos. Simple, but effective! My editing process has changed drastically since I first started blogging, and I'm sure it'll continue to evolve. I would love to know what some of your favourite editing apps are!

#ItHasPockets - Collaboration with Drop Boutique

Not only does this feminine lace romper twin as a dress, but it has pockets. Pockets means more bags of candy, Cheetos and Twinkies I can carry on the go. And that means I'll never walk around hangry ever again. #KeyToSuccess

Drop Boutique Lacy Romper // Forever 21 Denim Jacket (Similar) // Adidas Stan Smith

#BTS - Collaboration with Andrew So

I always thought BTS stood for Back To School, but apparently Google thinks it's a Base Transceiver Station piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment and a network. It also stands for Behind The Scenes, Between The Sheets, Be There Soon, Break The Seal, Born Too Soon, Burn/Bun That Shit, Burning Tonkomong (Butthole) Sensation, and is also a South Korean pop band. #WhoKnew

Jazz Hands

#Blanco - Collaboration with Miss Pap

Does anyone actually know the origin of the no-white-after-Labor Day rule? Do people actually abide by this rule? Apparently, since hot weather = wear white, once Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, society eventually adopted it as the natural endpoint for summer fashion, and hence you weren't allowed to wear white. Silly, if you ask me! #HistoryLessonsWithSimplyteee

#Denim - Collab with Mavi Jeans

I've never owned a pair of Mavi jeans before, but I am pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are! The fit is perfect, and even gives you a butt lift ;). I'm in the pool of asians with no bum, so that's a-okay in my books!

Mavi 'Alissa' High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans (Same here) // Zara Crop Top (Similar and 65% off) // Topshop White Blazer (Similar and 40% off) // Banana Republic Sandals (Similar here, here and here)

#That70sShow - Collab with FlyingPenguin & Priscilla Chua

My friend Chua from Edmonton and his sister were in town again, and rightfully so we decided to collab once more - but this time it was with not one Chua, but two! I was definitely channeling Jackie from That '70s Show and this might be my favourite shoot yet. Now I'm hungry so enjoy!

Here are some bloopers turned GIFs for your entertainment and my demise:


There are times when we can't stop talking even though we actually don't have anything valid to talk about and as it turns out today is one of those days where I'm looking at these pictures and I have no idea what to say and I'm not one to describe what I'm wearing because 'a picture is worth 1000 words' so I'll just say that I only eat Hawaiian pizza and no matter how good a Pizza place is if they don't offer Hawaiian pizza it ain't my place.

Zara Leather Mule Shoes (Similar here) // Forever 21 Accordion Pleat Midi Skirt // Brandy Melville Crop Tank (Similar and 65% off)


#LikeAPostcard - Collab with FlyingPenguin

My friend Chua from Edmonton was recently in town, and even though he's a photographer and we've been friends for 12 years, we never got a chance to actually shoot until this week! He's crazy talented so feel free to check out his work and follow him on Instagram.

Forever 21 Distressed Denim Jacket // Aritzia Wilfred Free Maxi Dress (Similar) // Club Monaco Denim Shirt (Similar) // American Eagle Sandals (Similar here and here)

That time I decided to frolic in a yellow field in the middle of an intersection in Richmond Hill:

Aritzia Wilfred Limoges T-shirt (Similar) // Zara skirt (Similar-ish, and love)

SHOP THE POST (All on sale from Nordstorm)


I like supporting people that are doing cool things, so check out my friend Mikaela's Instagram and soon-to-launch-blog. For every 2000 followers she gets, she gives back $50 to a charity (right now it's currently to the Toronto Humane Society). Blogging for a cause, me likie.

My face when all the pictures FINALLY UPLOADED. Slow internet makes me want to kill.

H&M Black Lace Tank // Levi Strauss & Co. HR Wedgie Vintage Chal (Similar and cheaper) // Jeffrey Campbell Otis-MT Booties (Similar)



Just discovered Pokemon GO today and I am addicted. My obsession started 20 years ago with the release of Red for the Game Boy, which then led into card trading, and now it's come full circle with a phone app. LOVE IT.

Also, this is a glimpse into what 99% of my photos look like:

#EastCoast - Nova Scotia & PEI Travel Diary

I explored Canada's East coast for the first time with a group of colleagues two weeks ago, and thought I'd share some of our adventures! I luckily had a designated photographer who was down to shoot me anywhere, anytime - thanks Lucy! Feel free to follow her at @lulfeng on Instagram and check out some of her amazing work!

The well-known and not so outstanding Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia

Pretty views from lunch, and a pitstop on the drive to Cape Breton 

Spotted a whale (the tiny black dot in the left picture), seals and jellyfish while whale watching, and did donuts on a navy boat during sunset - honestly the highlight of the trip

Took an hour long ferry to Prince Edward Island, and chased sunsets (and survived a mini sandstorm) at Cavendish Beach

Had Cow's Ice Cream twice (arguably PEI's best ice cream)

Breathtaking views from Charlottetown's waterfront and the downtown core 

Regrettably checked out the home of Anne of Green Gables, and finally found oysters on the last day in PEI (worth the wait)

Food Highlights:

Ryer's Lobster

The freshest seafood Nova Scotia undoubtedly has to offer.  We found this place on a whim, and they sell raw lobster, mussels, scallops and oysters, but I opted for the first two only. All you're given is a plastic bib, plastic meat remover and a paper plate, and then you simply wait for your fresh --lobster in this case-- that's been cooked, cracked and served with melted butter. If you're seafood obsessed and don't mind getting your hands dirty, this place is a must go. Let the reviews speak for itself. 

Merchantman Fresh Seafood & Oyster Bar

Located minutes away from Charlottetown's waterfront, this place has the freshest oysters I've had - and I eat a lot of oysters. The patio, staff and service were also commendable. 

That's it.

Ending off with a GIF of my struggle in getting up a random rock we encountered on the way to Peggy's Cove:

#Blanc - Collaboration with Daniel Wellington

I normally don't wear watches, but I'll always make an exception with Daniel Wellington. I like the simplicity and how lightweight it is. The blue hands won over my heart with this particular one I'm wearing, as it provides a subtle pop against the simple white face. 

Feel free to use code SIMPLYTEEE for 15% your next Daniel Wellington watch. Expires July 15th. Get it while supplies last. Accessories sold separately.

Side note: Who remembers Baby born? Still want one...

How-To: Look Fabulous with 7 Day Old Hair

Well, half decent. Since I was rocking 7 day old hair here, I'm going to share some tips on how I maintain it without actually washing it. Going to keep it short and sweet - just like me. Minus the sweet part.

1. Let's Get Dirrty - (As Aguilera would put it) No matter how oily or smelly your hair is, or how itchy your scalp gets, don't give in. You need to train your hair, especially if it's used to being washed everyday. 7 days may be excessive, but washing your hair at least every other day ensures your scalp is not overproducing oil to compensate for the dryness. 

2. Cozy up with Dry Shampoo - Let dry shampoo become your best friend. My favourite is Batiste's Original or Bumble and bumble's Prêt-à-Powder. I apply it in-between washes to my roots, and massage the powder into my hair.

3. Let's Tango - With your comb, that is. Being an unnatural blonde, I usually wake up looking like a dragon lady with dreadlocks. After I comb out all the tangles, my hair is 10x more manageable and I can style accordingly.

4. Smooth Criminal - (had to reference MJ) For that finishing touch, to make it look like you just washed your hair and got a blowout, Bumble and bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil is great for adding shine and taming flyaways (especially those stubborn baby hairs). I can't leave the house without it!

And that's how I get away with not washing my hair for 7 days. Would love to know the longest you've gone without washing yours!

Aritzia Talula Kent Blazer (Similar) // Zara Cropped Top (Similar and cuter) (This one's nice too) // American Eagle Shorts (Similar here and here) // Zara Lace Sandals (Similar - Love these ones) // No Weekends Luna Sunglasses (Blush)



Baby pink, baby food, baby Spice, babies, baby Bieber - all my favourites :).

Yes I still eat baby food, yes peas and pear are my favourite flavours, and yes up until grade 6 I still drank the instant baby milk powder because I preferred the taste to regular milk.


Review: Clarins Rouge Eclat - Satin Finish Age Defying Lipstick

Took a break from matte liquid lipsticks, and tried out Clarins' new shades of their Rouge Eclat line! I'm already obsessed, as they're incredibly creamy and also have anti-ageing properties to nourish and restore smoothness to the lips. My lips can get pretty dry from all the matte lip stains I wear, so it's refreshing for them to feel so supple. Now onto a quick review of the 4 shades I got!

Swatches (left to right): 23 Hot Rose, 24 Pink Cherry, 25 Pink Blossom, 26 Rose Praline

Clarins Rouge Eclat Swatches

23 Hot Rose - This is a soft pink that pairs well with any skin tone and simply brightens up your complexion. It's for the everyday, basic gal that wants a subtle pop of colour, without looking like she's trying.

24 Pink Cherry - If y'all know me, you know I'm not a fan of pinkish reds so this wasn't my favourite shade. However, for those that want to rock a red lip but feel it's too bold for everyday, this is a great alternative!

25 Pink Blossom - Barbie would definitely approve this shade, and it'd leave Ken wondering why they ever broke up in the first place! I've been searching for the perfect baby pink for awhile, and I think I've finally found it! It's the right balance of pop, without it being too fluorescent. 

26 Rose Praline - This shade is undoubtedly my absolute favourite. The neutrality makes it easy to wear daily, and that's exactly what I've been doing! Because the texture is so smooth and supple, it feels no different than wearing Vaseline. 11/10 would recommend!

So what were my thoughts overall?

Wearability: About 4-5 hours 

Finish: Satin

Transfer: Yes, but less in comparison to other satin lipsticks

Coverage: Sheer to moderate - Great for layering!

Price: $28 CDN

Overall: If you're looking for an everyday, moisturising lipstick with minimal transfer, this is for you! The pleasant, fruity scent is also an added bonus.



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Who else understands 1337? Brings me back to my gaming days..

Stan Smith