Showing you how I edit all my Instagram pictures with Snapseed in only 7 steps! No Lightroom and preset required. 

Ever have plans but can't decide what to wear so you'd rather cancel your plans instead? Happens to me errday. This video was more done for shits and giggles than anything else. If you's a homie and you haven't subb'd yet, whatchaaa waiting forrrrrr?!

HAIII coming at ya today with a swatch of all 8 shades of NYX' Powder Puff Lippies in a heyclaire inspired lipsync video! I've loved what she did for years, so figured I'd do my own noob take on it. ALSO YO GIRL FINALLY DID A PROPER OUTRO!

Ever wonder what Instagram comments would sound/be like if they were said in real life? Ya me neither. 

COMING AT YOU WITH MY VERY FIRST LOOKBOOK! Obviously had to add in the Pokemon puns. I've linked the outfit details below - let me know which one is your fave!

YOU THINK YOU KNOW TORONTO SLANG!? AHLIE, DUNKNOE ZEEN. If Google can't understand you, then what is you doing? But that aside, I just learned what 'bare' and 'marved' meant last week, so clearly I ain't with 'the times'.

That moment when your phone hits low battery and you don't have a charger. Or you do and someone else is using it. Or all the outlets are being used. Then add on top the fact that you just got a text from your crush to chill and your phone hits 1% and you're SOL.

HOW ASIANS PARALLEL PARK / How many asians does it take to parallel park my car? Watch 'till the end to find out :). Based on a true story. 

MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO :3. Starting it off with me in my natural habitat and what you'll find me doing 99% of the time: Binging Netflix. Figured it was time to expand simplyteee and show y'all snippets of my life and my derpy self.